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Welcome to Monday in our homeschool! It’s fun to see what real life looks like for someone else, so come take a peek inside a normal day for us.   We are in our 5th year of homeschool, this year we have 4th grade, 3rd grade, and Kindergarten going on. Our homeschool this year includes online classes, family subjects, special needs.  We school 4 days a week at home and one day a week we go to co-op and take elective classes with friends.  Here’s what a typical Monday looks like for us right now.

9:00 Together Subjects

I am all about making our life easier and streamlining, so we use Sonlight and do our History, Literature, Geography, Bible all together as a family.  While I sit on the couch and read through our stack, each child is doing something quiet.  AJ, age 6, likes to draw or sit in my lap.  Cub often holds his fidgets and walks around the room or bounces on a yoga ball.  Lynn likes to sit at the large table and draw or color.  I give ourselves an hour to read together: this leaves plenty of time for asking questions and following rabbit trails as they connect other topics to our reading.

Typical day together time

10:00 Online Spanish for Lynn

This year we added some online classes to our routine, so our at-home start time became more rigid. Lynn takes Spanish, Writing, Grammar and Literature online.  Each class meets once a week and then there’s homework to complete between meetings.  She likes the independence and it takes a load off of me for the planning and grading.

While Lynn is in class online on the computer, I’m working with the boys to check off their independent work in Language Arts, Science and Math.  The assignment books give them some independence to be in control of how they spend their time.  Cub has some special needs including Autism.  He uses a time between assignments to take LEGO breaks and get his wiggles out so he can focus.  AJ also will take LEGO breaks while I’m working with his brother.  There is only so much independent work an emerging reader can do without help.  Sometimes AJ will do educational games on the computer while I work with his siblings.

typical day

11:00 Morning Wrap up and Lunch

AJ is usually done by now with his work and he is off to play.  Lynn joins the group and gets the rest of her checklist done after her online class is dismissed. She has some subjects that she still does the old-fashioned way. Since it’s Monday, we also start packing any work that isn’t completed for the day for AJ and Lynn.  Cub has a therapy appointment in the afternoon so they take unfinished school work to do while we wait.

1:00 Cub’s Therapy

After checking in with the therapist, the other kids and I settle in the waiting room to complete the last of their school work.  Sometimes I even save one of AJ’s assignments to do instead of pushing hard in the morning.  It is Monday after all.  One reason we homeschool is for the flexibility.  It allows us to not sacrifice learning time for other services and appointments vital to helping our out of the box kids succeed.

2:00 Online Class

We rush home for Lynn to join her second online class of the day, Grammar.  This is the end of her school day and she is more than happy to be done.  The classroom time makes it her long day of the week.  The online classes work really well for Lynn.  She is an independent learner and happy to follow the class schedule.  We choose her classes a la carte so she can take only what we want.

typical day online classes

3:00 School is over!

If anyone notices the clock, official 3 o’clock snack will be announced to everyone.  Everyone is off to their own activities until dinner.  The boys might be found in the Lego space in the living room, or taking turns playing Minecraft.  Lynn is probably playing with the neighbors or reading in her room.  Some weeks we pack up again and head to the YMCA for the kids to do PE with the after school crowd. Some days it feels like a lot, but we’ve gotten into a pretty good routine, so it works well.

Thanks for joining us for school today!  What does your typical school day look like?


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Our Day with 4th, 3rd and Kindergarten- Inside Our Normal


Our Typical Day with 4th grade, 3rd grade, Kindergarten
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