3rd Grade Curriculum Choices InsideOurNormal
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Cub will turn 8 as we start the year, and he will be in 3rd Grade this year.   He is our middle child and has the most challenges.  One of the big reasons we homeschool is to effectively accommodate his Autism and sensory challenges.  We customize and adapt all of his curriculum choices to fit his abilities.

You can review what we did for the 2017-2018 year.

We do many of our subjects as a family and use Sonlight.  He will be doing History, Science, Art, and Literature with the family.  Check out the family curriculum plan for the 2018-2019 year.

Find out how these choices worked out in our Mid Year Review

3rd Grade Subjects

Reading: Star Wars Reading 2nd Grade

Writing: Writing through Ancient History Level 1 by Brookdale House

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 3 and 4

Handwriting:  Spectrum Writing Kindergarten

Math: Math U See Gamma


How We Adapt Curriculum to Fit
Language Arts:

Reading is a subject where he is ahead of his grade level and writing is a subject he is below grade level.  This year we are focusing on comprehension and writing our thoughts on paper.  We have picked some workbooks to help us master these skills.  He will also be reading a variety of novels to build fluency as well.


He does well and is on grade level in Math but can get distracted by unclear directions.  This year he insisted we stick with the program we started mid-year last year.  He likes the straightforward teaching videos in Math U See and the simple uncluttered pages of practice.  It’s a very routine program that makes him very comfortable.  He understands concepts quickly so I don’t hesitate to help him jump forward when he has mastered the concept in each lesson.


3rd Grade Curriculum Choices InsideOurNormal

3rd Grade Curriculum Picks
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