Kindergarten Curriculum Choices

AJ is 5 1/2.  He is the youngest and has been doing his own school work for 2 years already.  This year he will be officially a Kindergartner.  He thinks school is no big deal.  While for his sister, I kept trying to find a kindergarten program that would work for her, none ever did.  I have embraced my out of the box kids by now and I follow his lead for what skills he is ready for.

You can review what we did for the 2017-2018 year.

We do many of our subjects as a family and loosely follow Sonlight.  He will be doing History, Science, Art and read-alouds with the family.  Check out the family curriculum plan for the 2018-2019 year.

Find out how these choices worked out in our Mid Year Review

Kindergarten Subjects

Reading: All About Reading Level 1

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Math: Mammoth Math 1A

Unit Studies: Picture book Units!


AJ will be tagging along with his siblings for History, but I’m not really worried about it sticking in Kindergarten.  I am looking forward to exploring some favorite picture books with him.  I realized while I did different things with his brother and sister for Kindergarten they both ended up based around picture book unit studies.  We will be using some book from Five in A Row and other stories considered classics that we have around.  We will be doing 1 book a week and hopefully I will find a project or two on Pinterest to go along with each one.

AJ is quick with numbers and has always been a little engineer.  I was running out of counting activities for PreK last year so we tried doing some of the Kindergarten Activities together on Khan Academy.  To my shock, AJ easily completed them all!  So we are moving on ahead to the next thing,  Mammoth Math 1A, it doesn’t have a Kindergarten level anyways.


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