At Inside Our Normal families find practical support and resources for homeschooling Out of the Box kids.  Out of the Box kids are a little extra, more intense.  They play harder and ask more questions.  They carry a special toy longer and hate change.  Their Brains that are wired differently due to a disability or learning difference.  These kids challenge their parents to seek out of the box parenting and solutions.  

I have a passion for sharing our story of embracing our Out of the Box Normal and encouraging others to do the same.  I have spoken at Regional Conventions, provided Television interviews and been a guest on multiple Podcasts.

I am interested in working with family friendly companies to share products ore resources for special needs families or homeschoolers. If you are interested in advertising space, or collaborating for a sponsored review or giveaways, please reach out!

If this sounds like something that would fit with your brand or event, I would love to talk about working together.

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