4th Grade Curriculum Choices InsideOurNormal
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Lynn, my oldest, is starting 4th grade in a few short weeks.  She is 9 right now and is Gifted.  This year we are trying out virtual classes for her.  Here are this year’s choices for her!

You can review last year’s choices for the 2017-2018 year.

We do many of our subjects as a family and loosely use Sonlight.  She will be doing History, Science, Art, and Literature with the family.  Check out the family curriculum plan for the 2018-2019 year.

Find out how these choices worked out in our Mid Year Review

4th Grade Subjects

Writing: IEW Ancient History Themed Writing (online)

Grammar: IEW Fix It Nose Tree (online)

Reading: Center for Lit Ready Readers (online) and Suggested Novels from her writing class

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 3 & 4

Math: Life of Fred

Foreign Language: Beginning Spanish (online)

This year for the first time, Lynn will be doing the majority of her independent work online.  We don’t have an online public school option but we have found something better: a Minecraft game-based co-op which offers online classes in addition to game play in a secure, trusted environment.  She will be taking multiple classes through Skrafty our online Minecraft based co-op with virtual classes.  Last year, she took Writing, and loved it.  This year, she asked for more.  She enjoys the independent nature of the online classes and they work well for us as she doesn’t need much instruction from me.


4th Grade Curriculum Choices InsideOurNormal


4th Grade Curriculum Choices
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