5th Grade Curriculum Choices for Lynn IEW Math U See

We are starting our 6th year of homeschooling.  Lynn is in 5th grade (by age) this year, and will be doing a variety of grade levels in her work.  The flexibility to meet her where she is at is part if the beauty of homeschooling.  This girl started it all when she was taking chapter books with her to her public school Kindergarten class.  Many of her subjects will be done together with her younger brothers as part of our Morning Time.  Her strengths are in language and we have some struggles in math and possibly a learning disability.  She is an independent learner so online classes work well for her and for the 3rd year we will use them for a few subjects.

5th Grade Curriculum Choices for Lynn IEW Math U See

Social Studies/Science/Literature/Art

These will all be part of our family morning time.  She will be doing a lapbook instead of coloring pages like her brothers for History, and notebooking will be required for our Geography and Science.

Language Arts

  • IEW Medieval Themed Writing
  • IEW Fix It Grammar Robin Hood
  • Medieval Literature, online

This is her strength area.  We are thankful to have found Skrafty Online Classes which are perfect for her.  They offer online IEW writing and grammar classes and other subjects as well.  5th grade will be her third year taking IEW writing and her second year of IEW Fix-it Grammar.  She will be taking Medieval Themed Writing.  I really like how it will partner with our Morning Time Medieval History and she will be able to carry ideas back and forth.  The Literature Class will also coordinate with her Writing and History.

She will be doing book 2 of Fix It Grammar, Robin Hood.  Fix It Grammar has a unique approach in that it edits a story over the course of the 36 weeks of class.  Daily there are assigned passages to correct as different markings are taught.  They also copy the corrected passages into a notebook which provides handwriting practice.  At the end of the course they have a complete story written in their own hand.

The Literature Class will be book club style, in that assigned reading and activities will happen each week and at the end of each book there will be a class discussion.  Skrafty also offers Minecraft building assignments to go with each lesson so she can build the stories as she imagines them in her mind.

We use Skrafty for her online classes.  I really love that they are not grade specific and she is placed at her ability level which  often makes her one of the youngest in the class.  Her writing and grammar meet weekly for time with the teacher to discuss new material and review the assigned homework.  Sometimes students get to read their papers for the class.


This will be our area of focus this year for 5th grade.  We have had her tested for a learning disability and officially she comes very close to a diagnosis but not quite.  I’ll consider that to be because we are able to provide extra support much more quickly at home than a traditional school setting.  After a few curriculum trials, we are settling on Math U See.  The Single subject approach works best for her and we can focus on one math concept for a term instead of changing every month and forgetting it by the time we see it again.  She will continue working through Gamma and Delta levels.  Above all the goal is Mastery so we are taking our time on math to make sure the skills are strong.

Electives and Co-ops

She will experience the Arts at co-op and our park district.  At our weekly parent taught Co-op she will be taking a variety of art classes. She picked Stop-Motion Animation, Recycled Fashion and Historical Arts.  We enjoy being a part of the group for the social opportunities and community it gives us.  She will be doing 2 plays with our local park District youth theater program.

Lynn will also return to 4-H for the second year.  She took 9 projects to the county fair this year and learned a ton along the way. Her Robotics SPIN Club participated in the FIRST Lego League, qualifying for the State Tournament.  I will be curious to see what projects she picks later this fall  to work on for this year.


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5th grade Curriculum for Lynn
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