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Google says Good Morning

Our homeschool day officially starts at 9 am, when the Google Home plays our gathering song, “Good Morning” (from Singing in the Rain) and turns the classroom lights on.  Gotta love customized Google Routines.  Before Google tells us to gather, everyone is on their own to get dressed and eat breakfast.  I am often the last one to come downstairs and usually eat while everyone plays LEGOs.  Sometimes if the weather is suitable at least one child will go play outside before we start as well.

This year we are in our 6th year of homeschooling.  Each year looks a little different as each child grows and we try new activities.  Take a look inside what one day of learning looks like at our house with three students in First, Fourth, and Fifth grades.  Somethings that make our homeschool unique is that each of our kids has a different learning disability and one has autism.

Learning Together

After we gather in our school room we start our day with our together subjects.  I do my best to teach as much as I can as a group, since that makes my life easier and less subjects to keep track of.  This year we are reading Aesop’s Fables and our devotional daily, Vincent’s Starry Night  weekly, and we listen to Story of the World Volume 2 on audiobook a few times a week.  We have activity pages we use to help us stay focused during our history readings. We are visiting a different country each week for our geography this year, and use our together time to do this work, as well. See our plans for the year over HERE


After these activities, each child begins their independent work.  Mostly this is Math and Language Arts topics.  Each child uses a different math program based on their learning style and strengths.  Each child does writing, and independent reading activities.  I float between each child to answer questions and be available and check assignments as they are finished.

Lynn is an independent learner so she has two online classes she attends each week for writing and grammar.  Her online classes give her deadlines each week for assignments, so we have made a weekly routine to meet her deadlines.  Once a week, I take one child to Speech therapy for his stuttering.  We are using the therapy appointment as an opportunity for the oldest to learn to babysit the younger.  Everyone knows the routine and knows what work they have to complete each day.  On a good day we wrap up all our schoolwork before we eat lunch.


Our afternoons are spent with independent activities and play and other scheduled activities. Once a week we carpool to First LEGO League practice.  It’s a STEM oriented program where the teams program a LEGO robot to complete missions.  They also complete a research project to develop solutions to a given problem.  For the competition they develop presentations to present their information and solution.

Dad’s turn to teach

We eat dinner as a family most nights between activities.  When everyone is home in the evening we end our homeschool day with dad teaching, and mom escapes to her own interests. Dad is the story reader.  He does read alouds and prayer with the kids before bed each night.  He is great at reading novels with many voices and it’s a relief to share the work load with him.  I give him the reading list for the year and he decides when to read each one and sometimes throws in a few of his own choosing.  The kids get to read in their bed for a while before the lights go out. And we all get up the next day and do it again.


Our Typical HOmeschool Day with 1st, 4th, 5th grades

Our Homeschool Day: 5th, 4th and 1st grade
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