The Best of 2020- A Year in Review
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Who would have guessed that 2020 would be one for the history books when it started.  It’s been strange, unexpected, and even good at some moments.  As we reflect back on all that was and wasn’t this year, I’m sharing my Top 10 posts from the year.

For our family we had more good than bad.  In the spring, we studied the Coral Reef in hopes of seeing one on our vacation.  We have been able to use current events to have some big discussions with our kids this year.  We discussed race and the inequalities that still exists.  They wrestled with slavery as we learn about the beginnings of the American colonies.  One even observed, “If I lived back then I don’t know if I would see Slavery as wrong as I do now.” Wise words from a child.    We helped them understand the genius of the American Constitution as we watched the election play out, seeing how each branch of government can balance the others and keep our country stable.

Looking Back Inside Our Normal

10.  I learned to follow their lead for learning and it led us to Space

After our vacation and a visit to Space Center Houston, I learned to let my kids lead as we chased their questions about the history of Space Exploration. We published the first issue of the Homeschool Herald to share what we learned with our friends.

9.  The world looks homeschooling as Education looked different in 2020.

As 2020 became the year of the Homeschooler.  Many families took control of their own educational experiences and gave homeschool a try.  My list of 5 things to know about modern homeschoolers. Was your family one to try homeschooling for the first time this year?

8. We look back at all the Math Programs we have tried in 6 years of homeschool

Every child is different and that means they learn different.  We have tried a variety of math programs over the last 6 years of homeschooling with different successes. Do you have a favorite on the list?

7. I learned with my kids as we studied the diversity of the American Indians

When our books didn’t arrive as planned to start our year, we had to make a new plan.  We started our year with a deep study of the First People in America. When I assigned one to write about 3 famous American Indians I realized how much I have to learn as I didn’t know any of his selections.

6. Everyday Therapy mean targeting Fine Motor skills in our daily lessons

Penmanship and Writing have always been a struggle for our Out of the Box kids.  We have discovered some ways to sneak in some practice as we do our school work. See what creative ways you can grow these skills and how to work around them.

5. Our starting plan for studying Early American History in 2020

It’s always exciting to plan new things for the year.  I enjoy seeing what others are planning for their year.  We have already made changes, but check out our August plan to study Early American History this year.  We are absolutely loving studying our nation’s history this year.

4. Technology can be friend or foe for learning, we make it a friend

Technology is my friend when it comes to homeschooling.  We use Google Apps to stay organized.  It helps me work smarter and not harder when it comes to school and family life.  See how we use all the Google Apps in our schooling.

3. Keeping Records and staying organized is important

Homeschool record keeping laws varies from state to state.  And as a parent you want to keep special projects regardless of where they learn, without keeping everything.  Read my tips for keeping clutter to a minimum and maximizing the memory saving.

2. Peek Inside our typical day this year with 5th, 4th and 1st grade.

Every year our school day looks a little different.  There are different ages and activities to add to our routine.  Come be a fly on the wall in our homeschool and see what 5th grade, 4th grade, & 1st grade look like as we study the Middles Ages and use online classes.

1.  Teaching multiple kids is a lot like a One Room Schoolhouse

How do you teach so many grades as once?  We look to the past for inspiration the one room school house.  Everyone learns together as much as we can during morning time.  And then separate for independent work after.  It’s working smarter not harder as family.

2020 gave us a year to remember.  It taught us to slow down.  We have all learned to value our friendships a little more when we couldn’t take our social life for granted anymore.

Best of 2020 -Inside Our Normal


The Best of 2020- A Year in Review
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