Out of the Box Kids don’t fit the one size fits all box.  They are a little extra, more intense.  They play harder and ask more questions.  They carry a special toy longer and hate change.  Their Brains that are wired differently due to a disability or learning difference.  These kids challenge their parents to seek out of the box parenting and solutions.  


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Star Wars fun for May the fourth

How to Celebrate May the Fourth, Star Wars Day

Star Wars is a popular theme at our house. The franchise is stories that drive the imaginations of both adults and kids in my house. May 4th has become an all out holiday for us in recent years. The phrase,

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Save Big on Bible Materials for your Homeschool

I talk a lot about flexibility as being one of the biggest assets to homeschooling. With Out of the Box kids, flexibility is vital. We thrive on the flexibility to choose how they learn as well as what they learn.

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Basic Nature Study: Using Your Senses

Living in the Midwest, when the weather changes for the better, we make make a point to get out and explore.  We lighten our book based school work and make time to get outside. One of our favorite kinds of

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I’m Cynthia, homeschooling mom of 3 Out-of-the-Box kids.  Normal at our house includes 2 trampolines, 5 sizes of pencils and indoor and outdoor swings and a whole room full of LEGOs plus 7 years of homeschooling and counting.  


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