Mom to Mom Quick Guide to Sensory Challenges


You are not alone! I’m your fellow mom in the trenches of kids who just don’t quite fit in. This is what I would tell you if we met for coffee about sensory challenges. This easy read is full of information and tips breaking down all the basics as only another parent can to give you the details that are most helpful to you.

31 pages.

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You are not alone! I’m your fellow mom in the trenches of kids who just don’t quite fit in.  I’m parenting and homeschooling right alongside you.  This resource is everything I wish someone told me over coffee when we first began to understand the Sensory Challenges our child faced.

Molly says “I have a seeker AND an avoider… In just ONE child! Thanks for understanding and make me feel not so alone!” 

In 2014, Several things led us to an Occupational Therapy evaluation, for our then preschooler, where we were first introduced to Sensory Processing Disorder and began our journey as an Outside the Box family with sensory challenges, and later autism

We’ve learned a lot since then, and I want to make your life easier by giving you the resource I wish I would have had then. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert and nothing in this book should be taken as medical advice in place of a licensed medical professional.  

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