Mandalorian Handwriting Pages for Dysgraphia
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I’m releasing a new set of handwriting pages this week in the brand new store. Having a student with dysgraphia (i.e. a learning disability in the area of writing) presents challenges because their interest grows but their need for larger print handwriting pages stay the same. This is where having a computer and graphics design teacher/mom comes in handy. Last weekend he requested new handwriting pages based on our family’s new favorite TV show, the Mandalorian. He helped me make these by using his amazing memory skills to compile many of quotes and phrases used in the Mandalorian Handwriting Set. He waited patiently all weekend for me to finish the set so he could use them on Monday.

The number one reason we homeschool is the meet the unique and asynchronous needs of our children. Children who are both gifted and have learning disabilities have challenges that are hard to meet in a large classroom. It’s often referred to as being “twice exceptional”. Having assignments that build the student’s skills where they are at and not where they should be is important.

For a short time our student was in a traditional classroom. His writing skills were not like his peers. But continually he was given the same worksheets and not expected to complete them. At home was a child growing depressed because for the first time he saw his limitations clearly in the classroom. At his Parent Teacher conference we were handed his work, a pile of incomplete or blank worksheets, but there was no concern because he did well on the tests. It was one of the many moments when we knew returning him to our homeschool was the better choice.

Writing doesn’t have to be a chore!

In our homeschool we address the dysgraphia by writing every day. I don’t have expectations of handwritten essays, that would be too much. But we do copywork, we take notes in our science labs and we write vocabulary definitions. When it comes to essays, we practice our typing, so then his voice can shine and his letter formation skills aren’t needed.

mandalorian handwriting for dysgraphia students

These Mandalorian Handwriting pages are line by line passages. Each line of text is followed by a line to copy it on. This makes it less overwhelming than a large passage to copy, and helps the student learn spacing, as well. The passages include a full range of punctuation including commas and quotes. Older students with dysgraphia are ready to write more complex passages and it keeps them engaged in the activity as well.

These pages could be used for some fun light school work during a break time or mixed in with other writing activities. His new grammar program includes copying the daily grammar passages so he does the Mandalorian Handwriting pages on Friday for fun practice. I’m sure however you decide to use them they will add some excitement to you school work.

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Mandalorian Handwriting Pages for Dysgraphia
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