What are your Homeschool Super Powers?
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One of my Covid hobbies has been sewing, and while I quilted before the pandemic, I have ventured much more into knit fabric and clothes.  I recently made my first Homeschool Mom shirt.  I included the phrase “Teacher and Manager of Mischief” as a nod to Harry Potter.  Don’t we all wish we all had a little bit of magic in us to help manage the mischief and clean up the messes in our homes?  While I haven’t learned any magic tricks, I have acquired some super powers over the years as I listen to the advice and stories of those ahead of me on the homeschooling road.  I want to invite you to join me at the Homeschool Super Hero event to hear from more awesome veteran homeschoolers as they help us start our year off right with the tools we can use all year long with our families.  

 3 Super Powers I have acquired as a homeschool mom

  • The Power of reading to teach all my children at once

When I started homeschooling I had two full programs for two school age kids and a toddler wanting attention.  I tried to schedule time with each child to do their work and then switch.  It was a lot of materials and even more content to keep track of.  Because I talked to friends and explored at conventions I went to, I discovered the Morning Time Model.  We are starting our 4th year using it, and operate as more of a one room school house now, where everyone learns together as much as we can.  Jamie was my Super Hero who shared her experience and led me to switch.  

  • The Flexibility of Elastigirl to change what doesn’t work 

My kids don’t fit in they typical school box.  We tried it and it didn’t fit our family.  I have discovered the flexibility of Elastigirl in our homeschool is the ability to choose programs that fit the unique needs of each of my kids.    I have the flexibility to stop using a program that doesn’t fit my child and find something else.  We have tried multiple math programs before finding the right fit for each one.   We are still trying different Language Arts programs to find the sweet spot for each child.  Joann is the Super Hero who introduced me the right fit for Lynn.  

  • Spidey Sense to Know when to put the books away and just be mom

As Teacher/Moms we wear different hats at different times.  But at the end of the day the most important thing is the relationship we have with our children.  It’s not important that they didn’t finish their math page.  I have developed a Spidey Sense of when my kids are whining because they are kids and when they really are at their limits and a picture book on the couch together is more important than the scheduled lesson.  Colleen is the Super Hero who reminds me to put my relationship with my kids before the book learning.   


These 3 Moms have shared their homeschool stories with me and become my super heroes.  The stories they shared with me make my homeschool and family better.  This is why I’m excited to share with you about the Homeschool Super Hero event that’s coming up to give you the opportunity to listen to over 30 veteran homeschool parents share their experience with you.  

Homeschool Super Heroes to the Rescue!

Kerry Beck is bringing back her ever-popular event to help homeschoolers like you get ready for the best year ever.  And she’s letting me share this private invitation to grab a Free Basic Pass. Her Basic Pass allows you to watch all 60+ workshops for free, as long as you watch them within the first 24 hours they are released. If you miss one, you can always get the All-Access Pass which gives you lifetime access to all video workshops, handouts, audio interviews and more.

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We know what it’s like to be in the trenches as a homeschool Mom. Sometimes you need a little encouragement or a few fun tricks from knowledgeable homeschool parents who have real experience balancing school & family with cooking, cleaning & chauffeuring, or even working outside the home.

During our Homeschool Super Heroes Week, you’ll get answers to questions you have on your mind: how to overcome the overwhelm and how to homeschool with confidence.   What topics will they cover?  

  • How to include the 4 essentials to an awesome school year
  • Motivating your child to greatness
  • How to plan your homeschool, your day, your week
  • Homeschooling on a budget
  • How to homeschool autistic children
  • Lots and lots and lots of homeschool encouragement

Our Homeschool Super Heroes have a combined total of 462 years of homeschooling experience. Find out who they are AND get your pass here.Homeschool Super Heroes event


Kerry and her daughter, Gentry, will release 1 or 2 Secret Super Hero Interviews each day.  Gentry is a homeschool graduate and now a mom. She will ask the hard questions that others are scared to. With the Basic Pass, you can listen to these short, spontaneous interviews, just like the workshops.

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What are your Homeschool Super Powers?
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