Star Wars Handwriting Pages with FREEBIE
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At our house, handwriting is a challenge area.  Recent testing has confirmed that more than one of my students has Dysgraphia, or a writing learning disability.  Clear handwriting comes much less easily to these students. It can be frustrating and embarrassing to be forced to do schoolwork in a workbook intended for a lower grade level.  For one thing, I found that their grade level writing books quickly stopped providing the primary lines. These lines are still helpful to my older student.  Additionally, it was hard for the topics to hold their attention and keep them from wandering and getting tired and cranky.

For the early handwriting work, we used Handwriting Without Tears and also A Reason for Handwriting.  I liked Handwriting Without Tears to teach the letter formation, and we used A Reason for Handwriting for purposeful copy work once the formation is learned, since it uses a scripture verse each week as the foundation of the daily assignments and follows a 5 day routine for practice. It worked well, but I still had a need for more copy work to practice.

star wars handwriting pages

I made my own handwriting pages!

The older my students get the harder I find it is to find interesting copy work.  It is hard to find material that is written at their level, with larger lines and space to write.  Nothing is more frustrating to them than to run out of space to write their answers. Additionally, I was getting pushback from “boring” handwriting assignments, copying words that seemed to have nothing interesting to them. I have started creating my own pages for him to use based on their interests: specifically, Star Wars!  It was an easy win: I made these Star Wars pages for him to practice and for you to enjoy as well.  A few features I included in these pages for struggling writers

  • Primary Lines, to help with spacing and letter size.
  • One line at a time to copy. Each blank line follows a line of text so its easy to follow and not overwhelming.
  • Complex sentences to teach spelling and grammar.
  • Characters and Stories they enjoy!

Download this sample page and visit the store to buy more!

If you have a young Star Wars fan or fanatic like we do, I hope these pages bring happiness to their handwriting practice!

FREE Star Wars Copywork from Inside Our Normal
Star Wars Handwriting Pages with FREEBIE
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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Handwriting Pages with FREEBIE

  • July 17, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    VERY COOL! Handwriting is something my 12yo STILL struggles with. These pages look awesome…and who doesn’t love Star Wars??!?!?!?!

    • July 17, 2019 at 4:23 pm

      I’m so glad you LOVE them. 🙂 I made them because I couldn’t find anything for our older struggling writers. They deserve to write about topics that interest them! What else would he like to see on copywork pages?

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