I see you struggling to homeschool  your challenging child.  I see you struggling to decide if the public school is doing enough for your child. You question if you can give them everything they need to succeed.  You question what you are doing wrong to create the challenges you are facing with your child.   Let me tell you, Mom, you are doing a great job!  You are doing great by your kid by looking at the big picture.  You recognize your family needs help, and you are seeking resources and people to give you what you need. I see you juggling new therapy evaluations and the regular doctors appointments, and let me tell you, it’s worth it!  It’s worth it to be able to name the challenges so you can search for the best resources to help your child, yourself and your whole family.

Building a community to help you raise your child can include professionals with expertise that we lack as parents.

We as moms do not need to personally meet every need our children have.  As homeschool moms, what is best for our child can sometimes be seeking an expert to help with a learning challenge.  It’s not a failure for us when we look for help. We are equipping our family with the tools our child needs to succeed.

I had a mom tell me these things recently and it made me cry with relief to feel validated.  She has “Out of the Box” kids who are a few years ahead of my own, and we caught up at a recent event.  She had talked with several families who are having some learning struggles, but aren’t willing to look beyond their own experiences and seek testing or screening to see if their children would benefit from outside help. She encouraged me that it’s nothing to be ashamed of to seek help.

Our job is to launch our kids at 18 to be successful adults and contribute to the community.

Moms hear me!  If we see roadblocks coming down the road in our kids’ lives, we should help them.  And when our own parental knowledge is exhausted and the problem persists, it is imperitive to seek outside help.  Our first clue to Cub’s Autism was that he was not using a spoon independently as he approached his 3rd birthday.  We had to push our doctor to give us a referral for an Occupational Therapy evaluation.  We are so glad we did, as it led us to knowing so much about how Cub is wired and how we can best help him grow and learn.

AJ wasn’t talking clearly at 18m so we pursued a Speech evaluation, we didn’t really think much about it but seeking help early is best when they are young.  AJ didn’t have any additional issues and just needed focused help mastering some of his sounds.  He has returned to Speech therapy once more recently to work on more sounds but that’s it.  My mom knowledge is limited when it comes to how our mouths and brain work together to make speech, but for a Speech and Language Therapist its part of their training.  It’s part of my duty and training as a mom to sense where each kid struggles and discern if its something we can work on at home or if we need to seek other help.

When you see a red flag in your child’s development or learning, seek help and ask friends.  You are very much not alone.  You will find a village willing to help, and it’s larger than you ever expected!  If you don’t know where to start, I’m here to talk, shoot me an email or a Facebook message.  I love connecting people to resources.  With the knowledge and right tools in your family toolbox you can thrive as a family once again.


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Moms, You Are NOT Failing: Getting Help for Struggling Child
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