Learning the Lord's Prayer with Copywork
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One of the things I am most thankful for this year is our church.  It took us 2 years of looking to find a place where every person in our family was accepted and welcomed.  They have led us well through this unique year and have provided ways for us to stay connected.  Today I am sharing The Lord’s Prayer Copywork pages, a resource I created to help our kids learn the Lord’s Prayer during this past year.

Our church developed a new worship format when they went virtual because we had both traditional and modern worship services. For us, this meant having call and response scripture readings and saying the Lord’s Prayer each week.   It’s been great  to introduce this church tradition to them.


Online Church means Discipleship

One positive of doing church with a livestream was we could correct the kids behavior without disrupting the experience for the people around us in the room.  It also forced us to experience worship together. This has led to many more family faith discussions at the end of the service.  The practice of watching church did pay off the few short weeks we attended in person before our area closed again for the pandemic.  Everyone was focused and knew what was expected because of the time and effort we had invested during the Livestreams.

The flexibility of homeschooling allowed us to include some of these routine changes into our learning.  I created the Lord’s Prayer Copywork as an activity to help them memorize the prayer, and it replaced their regular copywork for a few days.

What you are getting

The download includes the Modern version of the Lord’s Prayer in three different writing formats.  The first is Primary ruled lines. This is good for the youngest students and for any students writing challenges such as dysgraphia. Each line of the Prayer is followed by a blank line to write on.  If you are familiar with Handwriting Without Tears they use this format, and my kids feel less overwhelmed practicing this way.  For older elementary students there are cursive pages set up in the same format as the younger students. The third and final level is a page with the Lord’s Prayer followed by lines below to copy.   My 6th grader used this one and wrote in cursive by choice.

Learning the Lord's Prayer with Copywork

Learning the Lord’s Prayer with Copywork
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