Weekly Adventure Recap July 6- Inside Our Normal

Its been both a busy and relaxing week.  It was the first week of the summer we didn’t have someone off at a camp.  We explored the park added music and started our summer schooling routine.    On the Fourth we had some small town fun celebrating with family and friends. We went to the city parade, barbecued, played games and picnicked at the fireworks. I’m always sharing our adventures on Instagram so come follow me.  Check out a few of the highlights of this week’s adventures:

Discover an Old Tree

When we went to the park on Monday AJ was thrilled to show us what he discovered with Grandma last time he was there.   He showed us when we went to the park on Monday.  It is the 2nd largest English Oak in the nation and largest in our state!  And we found right in one of our favorite parks.  You never know what special sites you can find right in your own backyard.  We also counted the butterflies in the flower garden at the park.  Sometimes if we look a little closer at our favorite places we can still discover something new!

Weekly Adventure Recap July 6- Inside Our Normal

Piano Lessons

Lynn learned Recorder at our co-op last year. All year she was eager to practice and did so with minimal encouragement.  This week she began taking lessons with a neighbor and already loves it!  I am not interested in investing in lessons if practice will be a chore.  Lynn proved her interest with the recorder and I’m excited to have music in our house.

Weekly Adventure Recap July 6- Inside Our Normal

Fun on the Fourth

Our town has a great parade every year near the grandparents house which makes it so easy to attend.  I was so proud of Cub for handling the heat and parade well.  We worked with his Occupational Therapist early in the week to make a plan since he wasn’t excited about participating.  He took a book to read when he was bored and ran to the back of the crowd when the fire department sprayed everyone.  In years past he has made it clearly known when he is ready to leave and miserable for others when we didn’t. A funny moment of the parade was when two men showed up with a wrench and surprised us by unscrewing the fire hydrant in front of us.  The plain clothed firefighters filled a cooler, closed the hydrant and ran it to their truck in the parade so they could continue keeping everyone cool. As they  worked they told us the pumper truck had responded to a fire right before the parade start so it wasn’t there to resupply the fire department water guns along the route. Parade Secrets Unveiled!

Weekly Adventure Recap July 6- Inside Our Normal

Summer School

Our July is much calmer after 3 weeks of camps in June. With an empty calendar comes a need for routine, so we’re back doing school everyday.  We have a slightly different routine for summer time school, you can read about it HERE. Our focus is on the basics Reading, Writing, and Math.  We let life get in the way of school during the summer.  One of our summer school projects is archaeology, I’ll share more about it in the coming weeks. The first day was rough but day two was much better and it gives us the routine we need.

What did you do this week?


Adventure Recap July 6 Trees, Music, Parades- Inside Our Normal

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Weekly Wrap Up July 6th, Fun on the Fourth and back to Summer School
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