Weekly Wrap-Up Moms Retreat and Archaeologist Interview InsideOurNormal

I’m always sharing our adventures on Instagram so come follow me.  Check out a few of the highlights of this week’s adventures including a retreat for mom and more archaeology:

Retreat for Mom

The week started with me away at a retreat and Dad in charge at home.  A special-needs support group in town had their annual retreat which I attended.  It was great for me to meet other special needs moms and caregivers from our area. Since we only moved to this state a year ago, I’m still finding the services and opportunities that best serve our family.  We shared resources, had chemistry class where we made essential oil bath bombs and sugar scrubs, and did lots of crafts while we rested and connected with one another while we were away from our regular responsibilities.  I started this Diamond Painting.  It’s so tedious and yet relaxing.  It reminds me of cross-stitch but with plastic and glue instead of needle and thread.


Meltdown Monday

Monday we had some rough moments.  Cub had spent a lot of energy over the weekend anxious about having a different routine. Dad is an  awesome and involved parent, but it was still different than the norm. For Cub’s Autism DIFFERENT causes stress, and when stress builds up eventually it has to release.  This happened on Monday in a low level meltdown explosion when the Kindle was accidentally left at home during errands.  As we entered the office for our first errand where he was to use his Kindle, he began screaming.  He didn’t have the brain space to be flexible and choose a different activity.

I tried holding him and naming his feeling but we eventually had to step outside when the yelling wouldn’t stop and logic didn’t work.  Thankfully, it was at a place we frequent and I could leave my other son in the office happily playing while I stepped outside with Cub.  I feel inadequate when I have to leave one child to care for another when there is a meltdown. A quick trip home to locate the missing Kindle helped but his emotions lasted most of the afternoon leaving both him and me exhausted.  Space to be left alone, deep pressure hugs and talking through it all helped him through it so he could reset.


Did you Know: An artifact can be anything created more than 50 years ago!  

Interview with an Archaeologist

The boys and I continued our archaeology study while Lynn went to another day camp.  We read Dinosaur Hunters and Discovery in the Cave.  We also got to Facetime with a Archaeologist! Thanks to Facebook I discovered someone I worked with in college is now an Archaeologist and is currently working on an active excavation site right now.  She was able to answer all our questions and share more about what she does. Summer is prime archaeology season, and she mentioned that a many active archaeological sites have dates that they let the community come see what is going on and sometimes even help dig!

They know children lived around the site they are currently studying because she found a piece of a porcelain doll that a child would have played with.   Now the 5 year old says he wants to be an Archaeologist. See the rest of our Archaeology Unit Study.


Weekly Wrap-Up Moms Retreat and Archaeologist Interview InsideOurNormal


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Weekly Adventure Recap: A Retreat & an Archaeologist
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