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Welcome to everyone visiting from the Equipped Blog Party!  Its great to have you join us in our corner of the internet.  Stick around and learn a little about who we are and why homeschooling is the best fit for our out of the box family.

Tools for Success

Recently Cub attended a week long day-camp Improv Comedy social skills camp.  It started out as a tough week because he isn’t used to being in a social setting for long periods of time.  He took several breaks in their calm down room to regroup.  The first day he gave it 2 thumbs down, but he was willing to go back the second day.  On day 2 we talked with the staff about the backpack he was carrying.  He had many of his sensory tools in it.  The rest of the week was a great success and on days 3-5 Cub gave camp 2 thumbs up!  They were able to help Cub utilize his toolbox so he could calm down and rejoin the activities.  His backpack was key to his successful week at camp!

His #1 tool

The number one thing in his toolkit is his noise canceling headphones.  These have been vital for him to participate in many events with us.  We used to live in central Florida and would frequent Legoland.  Wearing his headphones made noisy rides and shows bearable.  He would also wear them for Children’s Church and for annual fireworks.  Thankfully, as he gets older I find him pulling these out less as he is not as overwhelmed by changing noise levels.

Today I’m over at the Equipped Blog Party hosted by Autism Homeschool Mama sharing more Cub’s Sensory toolkit and everything he has in it as part of the Equipped Blog Party.  It’s an easy way for him to carry his sensory toolkit with him.  He is more comfortable knowing his familiar things are never far away. It also lets him learn to advocate for himself in a new place.    As a bonus it also means Mom’s purse is a little lighter since he is carrying what he needs instead of mom!

Go visit Autism Homeschool Mama find out what other tools are in his sensory toolkit.  Sign up below to visit my VIP library and download a checklist so you can make your own Sensory Toolkit for adventuring!


Download Your Sensory Toolkit InsideOurNormal

Sensory Toolkit – Free Download

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