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I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

I was excited to have the opportunity to receive an Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership to because I have considered it before when choosing curriculum for our family.  Even without a membership you can browse the online classes they offer to see if it’s a good fit for you.  I was curious to try it because I like to pick and choose different materials throughout the year, and this has lesson plans and materials already put together for each class making my planning easier. - Every Subject - Every Grade - Every Student { Reviews 2021}

What you Get

SchoolhouseTeachers offers over 450 different online classes to choose from, for Pre-Kindergarten through High School.  Your memberships covers your entire family with a single user account and password.  Lessons plans and course content are included in your membership. Your membership includes a Right Now Media membership and access to the World Book Online Resource library.  The courses offer Christian content and a creation approach to science.    

There so many stand alone classes it can be overwhelming to sort through them all.  I am still finding new classes I want to try each time I sit down to look around.  For on grade level students there is the option to start with a Grade Level School Box which includes everything for a full year of classes.  For Out of the Box kids like mine, the School Box can be a good starting point to pick classes and then swap out where a different level or interest is needed.  The School Boxes come with lesson plans combining different courses together to make a complete course of study.  

While you have one account for the family, you can create bookmark lists for each child to easily access their classes.  I appreciated that, while the courses are based online, much of the work we tried could be completed away from the computer.  We printed the assignments out for each child at the beginning of the week.  This makes it easier for everyone to share the computer.   

What We Tried

With so many options of different online classes to take, I let the kids pick what subjects they wanted to try out.  Everyone picked Language Arts.  For the 3rd grader we replaced their current work with Daily Grammar, Spelling and Daily Writing.  For the 5th grader we did Daily Grammar and Daily Writing, and the 6th grader did the Daily Writing. Grammar and journal writing are things we haven’t done a lot of regularly so it was great to find a way to add it in to our routine. 

The kids found the pages very easy to follow.   Each of these classes had a suggested lesson plan and pages to print out for each day.  There were no online components aside from the planning.  It made my life easier to have the print and go pages, and the kids like the variety.  The Daily Grammar has 180 lessons.  You can download them in large sections or one lesson at a time which is great for some Out of the Box kids who take longer to make the connections.   

As the 3rd grader said when I asked him about the new work, “So basically it’s like my other work but less complicated.”  That is right buddy!

In the coming semester I plan to use the Pen and Ink class for my 6th grader who wants to learn more art technique and drawing. We may add some of the videos from Right Now media to our American History this spring.  Drive Through American History is included in our subscription and we enjoyed his other videos in the past.  We plan to continue the Daily Grammar practice and writing prompts as well.  

Added Value

The number of classes is valuable as you can assign kids different classes with out doing the planning yourself.  But you also get a number of other resources to support you as the teacher and your homeschool.  There are classes included to help you learn and grow along side your kids. Including classes on parenting, teaching, and marriage.  There is an entire planning section to Schoolhouse Teachers to help you plan and organize.  Browse the different forms available or download your free copy of the SmartMama Planner, which is one of your member bonuses,

A RightNow Media membership and World Book access are also part of the SchoolhouseTeacher Ultimate PreK-12 Membership.  Right Now media has family friendly and educational content available.  We enjoy What’s in the Bible and Drive Through History, both available on Right Now Media. 

The World Book Resource Library is a great bonus.  While many school libraries offer access to their students it’s something many homeschoolers miss out on.  Having access to a quality database of encyclopedia knowledge for research and learning.  We will be using this as we learn research skills and paper writing soon.  There are 10 different World Book resources to use for Early learning through high school level research. 

Final Thoughts

SchoolhouseTeachers has much to offer.  The wide variety of classes makes it a great choice for out of the box kids.  It offers great resource to parents to help with homeschool planning by putting so many resources in one place. Many of the classes including print out pages instead online work. This makes it easy for the family to share the technology.  The added bonuses of RightNow Media and World Book make it a valuable tool for helping kids explore their interests and research in an age appropriate way.   I look forward to continuing to explore all SchoolhouseTeachers has to offer our family. 

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SchoolhouseTeachers for Online Classes
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