Play-doh and Minecraft Weekly Wrap-up at Inside Our Normal

I’m always sharing our adventures on Instagram so come follow me.  Check out a few of the highlights of this week’s adventures:

Its been a week of routine at our house, with very few places to go, which has been good for us. It was also Summer Camp this week at our Minecraft Online Homeschool Co-op. In getting back to our routine which involves schoolwork and learning the Play-doh made a appearance as well. It was much loved and enjoyed for hours.

Minecraft Summer Camp

We love our Skrafty Community. Its a safe and moderated place for our kids to play Minecraft with other homeschool students.  They also offer classes and special events throughout the year. This week was Summer Camp. The kids each choose Master Classes to take, that focused on learning different aspects of the game. The classes took place in an Adobe Connect classroom and also in Minecraft itself. Each day the students had an assignment to practice something that was learned in that class.

Cub took a 4 day class on Redstone. Redstone is minecraft’s version of electrical power. It allows you to automate processes and make unique features. Its something he has become very interested in lately, so he was glad to learn more this week. He learned how to build piston crushers and lava tracks.

Lynn took a 4 day Building Workshop, and 2 day class on Pixel Art. The Building Workshop included design ideas for building period buildings and planning your design pallet before you build. In Pixel Art she learned more about making 2-D drawings using the Minecraft blocks. They also offered daily devotions most mornings as part of the camp activities. Lynn enjoyed participating in those as they studied Deuteronomy.

Play-doh and Minecraft Weekly Wrap-up at Inside Our Normal

Play-doh and Archeology

Routine is important in our family so school is happening during the summer.  Right now for our morning time we are studying Archaeology. We read one of the early books for our Ancient History curriculum for fall and I also found a Junior Ranger badge you can earn at home, that we have been working on. One of the activies asks you to visualize a piece of pottery and draw and describe it. This seemed a little abstract for my students so we got out the play-doh! We built our pottery and then drew our projects and answered the questions and played with play-doh for hours!

Play-doh and Minecraft Weekly Wrap-up at Inside Our Normal


I am not a fan of play-doh, I don’t like the mess it makes, and the crumbs on the floor. My kids haven’t seen play-doh for months. Now with the youngest being 5 and a half, its easier. The kids can clean up after themselves and are much better at controlling the mess.

They played for an hour the first day when we did our archaeology work. They asked for it again after lunch and dinner. The next day they asked to get it out it while I read aloud, and they played for another hour. I can’t complain, its a great activity for building fine motor skills and for sensory play.

We also made it to the pool twice this week with different friends. We are enjoying our lazy summer this week.

Minecraft and Playdoh by Inside Our Normal


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Play-doh and Minecraft, Weekly Wrap Up July 12
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