One on One Mentoring for Families

Homeschooling can be an amazing opportunity to meet the educational needs of out of the box kids.  Learning doesn’t have to happen in a typical school routine.  For out of the box kids it often needs to happen in an less traditional way.  As their parent you know your children best.  

Your existing relationship allows you to come along side your child to learn and grow together. You know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and are motivated to see them succeed.  When learning happens at home you are able to provide your child with more personalized instruction than they received in a full traditional school day, and you are still done sooner.  

It can also be overwhelming when you are getting started. The options are endless on what learning at home can look like.  Especially for out of the box kids who may not fit in a perfect grade level box.  Its a challenge to sort through the endless options to find the perfect fit for your family.    

Let's Get Started!

Let me help!  Use my 7+ years of homeschooling preschool & elementary ages and thousands of hours of curriculum research to help you get started on your journey.  You are designed to be your child’s first and best teacher.  Contact me below to set up your first appointment.