Interview with a homeschool mom

As I write this, our world is turned upside down by a global  pandemic. People are staying home and the park dates and social meet ups we once took for granted are now absent on our calendar.  As we prepare for our next school year I miss getting to meet up with friends and talk about how the last year went and what will change for the next year as everyone moves to new grades.  When I sat down with Beth for a video chat recently, we shared with each other about how our homeschools are different and what works for each of us in our different seasons.  Join the conversation and see if you relate to why we choose to homeschool.

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Homeschoolers are as varied as the families at  the local public school.  Each family has their own reasons why they do it and what it looks like for them.  The reason we homeschool may be some of the same reasons another family may never want to homeschool.  Beth runs the  Youtube channel Teach from Home where she talks about teaching ESL, homeschool and working from home.

A big reason we homeschool is being able to personalize their learning around learning disabilities and special needs. At our house each child has a different learning disability and strength.  My oldest struggles in math.   Her younger brother is accelerating through math programs but is slowed down in reading due to dyslexia.  The child in the middle struggles with attention issues and has Fine Motor Delays which affect his handwriting, in addition to Autism.   This might sound overwhelming to some but for us homeschooling is the best educational choice and allows us to address each of these needs in a holistic and natural way.  I am able to help each child learn the next thing they are ready for, instead of holding them to a grade level standard that they may or may not be ready for.  Practically speaking, this looks like both remedial help and acceleration at the same time, depending on the subject area.

Watch the video and tell me what you can relate to in our discussion.

Interview with a HOmeschool mom -InsideOurNormal

Meet a Homeschool Mom: Video Interview
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