My Favorite Homeschool Teacher Supplies

One of the bonus parts of homeschooling is that our back to school shopping is much less involved than heading back to a traditional classroom.  We do our shopping on an as-needed basis, and keep a small supply of notebooks on hand for various projects that come up.  While our list may be much shorter, we still have some fun when it comes to back to school shopping.  I’m sharing 4 of my favorite homeschool teacher supplies.

Mason Jars and Coffee Mugs

I come from a farming family and inherited quite the supply of canning jars and while I do use them when I try to make my own jam, these jars are useful for so much else.  I use them around our school space for pencil cups.  The weight of them keep them from tipping over.  You can dress them up with some fun ribbon to make them pretty or use them plain.  We also use them through out our house for loose change and to hold our tooth brushes in the bathroom.

Coffee mugs are also great to contain homeschool teacher supplies.  I have some colorful ones on my desk to hold sets of pens and markers.  Like Mason jars coffee mugs are sturdy and we always seem to have extras around our house and they’re easy to clean if they get too messy.  So get those pretty ones out of your cupboard on to your desk so you can enjoy them!

Erasable Pens

I LOVE Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pens for all my teacher notes.  We were introduced to these by my daughter’s online teacher, and i might have stolen the first set I bought her after I saw how they worked.  They are Gel Pens that erase!  And they erase well.  They come in several fun colors which makes writing fun.  I use them in my planner as well as to write in my kid’s assignment books.  I don’t have to worry about leaving space to make changes, since I know i can erase if i need to.  I have caught all the kids using them at different points, and again the erasable factor makes me worry less about what they’re doing.  We still have a pencil only rule for math, though.

They work by being heat sensitive.  The heat created by the friction of the rubber eraser tip is enough to make it disappear.  I use them for my sewing projects as well, since the heat of the iron makes the ink invisible.  Leaving your notebook in a hot car will cause the ink to erase as well.  But putting the notebook in the freezer will make it reappear.  Regardless of how it works, I love them and use them daily!  They also have marker pens that use the same ink as well for journaling or coloring!

You can find them in most stores with the pens and I have found individual pens available in Micheal’s with the scrap-booking supplies.


Storage Clipboard

I keep my most important homeschool papers and my weekly assignment grid on my Storage clipboard.  My grid is on top and any notes or printables I need during the week I store inside the clipboard.  This makes them easily accessible to me and they don’t get lost in other piles during the week.  I also have a pencil box on the case so I can keep a pen and my highlighter nearby which i use to cross off our completed tasks or make notes for later.

Sticky Notes and Page Flags

The more chaotic our life gets, the more notes I find myself taking.  I use sticky notes to collect my thoughts and I can put them where I will see  them.  Sometimes that is on a book i’m reading, or more often it’s on my desk or the wall next to my desk.  I use notes to remember what I should be focusing on for therapy goals during our day.  Sometimes I’ll write down a fun Pinterest project I want to do with the kids.

My new favorite stick notes are Page Flags which are perfect for books and planners.  They are small, narrow and transparent so they don’t hide the text.  I use these to mark out all the reading assignments of the kids’ assigned reading books.  I also use them in my planner to mark the current week.  Since they are sticky, it won’t fall out if it gets dropped.  I was so excited when I found these flags at Dollar Tree this year at back to school.  Last year’s package was almost out and there were 500 flags in the Dollar Tree package!  Look for them with the office supplies

These are a few of my favorite homeschool teacher supplies for our one room school house.  What are your favorite homeschool supplies?


Favorite HOmeschool Teacher Supplies

My Favorite Homeschool Teacher Supplies
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  • September 26, 2019 at 10:21 am

    i use soup cans that i decorate rather than mason jars … they can be pretty and my mason jars tend to be filled with canned goods. 🙂


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