We have been up to a lot lately. We’ve been in front of the camera for the first time and on the stage once again. Field trips have taken us out in to the beauty of nature and to experience other cultures.  Cub’s updated IEP is finally in place, so now we see if it leads to success.

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Quiet on the Set

It’s hard to believe that some of our homeschool activities are wrapping up for the semester already! Lynn participated in a Homeschool Theater class put on by our local park district. Over the semester, they visited our local historical theater and got a tour of what happens behind the scenes of a play. They also learned how to prepare for an audition, both with monologues and by singing from sheet music. They tried their hand at stage makeup and costume design. Finally, at the end of the semester, they presented their various projects and performance pieces for us parents. It was a talented group to watch. Lynn held her own as one of the youngest in the class, which included even High Schoolers! I was very proud of her.

This fall she also added another musical, and experiences in a short film and photoshoot to her acting resume.

Enjoying the Fine Arts

We also attended our first couple of performances at our nearby performing arts center. This year we got our ticket order in sooner and have tickets to more shows. The first show we saw was a company of circus acrobats from Australia. Their show was based on the Circus of the Animals music. Later the same week we had tickets again to a Mexican Ballet full of traditional dancing and colorful costumes.

I love that our performing arts center sends out programs ahead of time so we can talk about the show and the background before we attend. We review the related geography of where the performers are from and other relevant subjects. The performing arts center is located across the street from a cultural museum so we get two field trips for one when we visit. The museum also plans special activities to match the shows on performance days.

An Updated IEP

Its been a season of transition for Cub as he settled in to the public school for the first time. Finally, after 2 months, we finished his IEP review and wrote for the first time a plan that reflects his unique needs in the classroom. This is the fourth time we have been through the IEP process, the first 3 were in a different state and district than we are now and it was a much different and more positive experience. The jury is still out if the classroom is the best place for him. Time will tell as we see how things work out and accommodations are finally put in place.

Gifted Education is not part of the Special Education umbrella in our district so those talents were not fully explored or evaluated as part of his IEP. We have to work with a different department to have those assessments completed in the future.

Snow already?!

After moving from a tropical climate in Florida to the temperate Midwest, the kids see things with a different view sometimes. The weather and changing seasons is one of those things.  The kids challenged me to define the Autumn/Fall season.  After researching, we discovered it is merely the transition between Summer and Winter, and a transition it has been! We had our first snow fall in early November. School started late that day, so the snow could be savored. After the snow the leaves finally changed colors and fell, but not before we were able to go for a hike and enjoy them in their painted beauty.

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