A Conversation with SPED Homeschool

Recently, I sat down with the SPED Homeschool podcast to chat about embracing our Out-of-the-Box life.  We talked about why we started our school year in July and slowly added more subjects.  This year we are planning our first year as eclectic homeschoolers with no boxed curriculum, as we are constantly changing up our curriculum to fit the needs of each child.

Our discussion covered the seamless accommodations that we are able to use in our schooling, which is one of my favorite benefits of homeschooling with Special Needs kids.  What would be inconvenient in a traditional classroom is often the accepted way of doing things in our homeschool.  Some examples include primary paper for my struggling writers, and visual timers to help them own their breaks and know when to return to school.  We offer each kid work that meets them where they are, whether the work assigned is suggested above OR below what would be the traditional grade level for their age.

SPED Homeschool provides support for the unique challenges of homeschooling children with special needs, who would be on an IEP if they were attending a more traditional school.  They believe every child can succeed when provided individualized instruction. Homeschooling is one of the best options a family has for providing this type of education for a unique learner. Their website has a variety of resources and supports available including suggestions for curriculum that has worked for other non traditional learners.

Watch the Replay

You can listen to the audio podcast HERE. SPED Homeschool hosts weekly Facebook Lives on their page each Tuesday Night at 8pm CST.  Replays are available on their YouTube and podcast channels.


A Conversation with SPED Homeschool-InsideOurNOrmal.com

A Conversation with SPED Homeschool
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