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Check out a few of the highlights of this week’s adventures.  We did school and started our first fall activity, made a BIG change to our school plans and made a new connection at the park.  I’m always sharing our adventures on Instagram so come follow me.

Building community one Instagram Story at at time!

It’s my goal that this small space on the internet offers hope to others, from someone who has been there and is walking with you through raising kids that don’t fit “normal” as defined by others.

This week, the highlight was getting to meet up with another mom and out of the box kid. We connected over Instagram and a love for the same local park.  It’s refreshing to trade stories with those who truly get it. Those that know what it’s like to have a schedule dictated by therapy appointments and specialists.  Those who know that a busy playground doesn’t look like a lot of friends but sometimes a meltdown trigger instead.

Time for the Stage

This week we are starting to find our groove for the school year as our first fall activity begins.  Lynn had auditions for her next youth theater play.  She has worked all summer on her audition music and researched the character she is hoping for.  It’s her third show with this program and this time, for the first time, she knocked her audition out of the park because she was well-prepared and her anxiety couldn’t creep in.  She is super excited to have a minor speaking role.

A Week of Connections, Change, Casting -InsideOurNormal.com

Change is in the Wind

This week we made a tough decision: Cub will be attending the local school this year.  First and foremost, we made this decision because he wants to give it a try.  His confidence and understanding of his own needs has grown this summer.   He is able to ask for what he needs, and we feel that his independence has grown tremendously this summer.

We’re not certain how well Cub will adapt to a school environment or how well the school will be a good fit for him, but his willingness to try it will make a big difference. Another major impetus for this decision was that certain dynamics at home and during school have suffered recently and we feel like a change will be positive for all the kids.  The other kids have begun to feel more anxiety in response to Cub’s meltdowns, so a break from each other will hopefully allow everyone to do well and continue to learn in a positive environment.

This decision is something we have been thinking about for a long time, but Cub was never on board and always wanted to stay at home to learn. It’s a tough thing to choose between the needs of one child and needs of another.  I did not want it to feel like a negative experience or a punishment to be sent away to school. We know there are challenges ahead as we work out what accommodations he will need in the classroom and as we all adjust to the new schedule. We will see how things develop over time.

Are you Equipped?

Have you checked out Equipped! Your Guide to Special Needs Homeschooling?  I shared this week about our sensory toolkit we take with us when we do our adventuring.  Yesterday’s post was about finding your tribe.   The party is going on for another week so go check it out and while you are there don’t forget to enter the giveaways from all our great sponsors!

Raising Out-of-the-Box kids means we often do things differently.  From the outside that may look crazy some days but from the inside we all get it!  So welcome friends you are in good company here! How was your week?

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A Week of Connections, Change, Casting -InsideOurNormal.com



A week of Connections, Changes, and Casting
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2 thoughts on “A week of Connections, Changes, and Casting

  • August 11, 2018 at 7:27 am

    It sounds like you all have a good plan for next year. You will never know until you try. Congrats on getting the part in the performance.
    Blessings, Dawn

    • August 11, 2018 at 7:39 am

      Thanks, she is super excited about her part.


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