4th Math and Langauge Arts

We are gearing up for our 6th year of homeschooling.  Cub will be in 4th grade this year.  His birthday is the first week of school, and he would be one of the youngest in a traditional classroom, but that doesn’t matter in our classroom.  We make lots of accommodations for his Autism and ADHD as part of our routine.  He uses a visual timer and always has fidgets available when we are doing read-alouds. We will be doing a lot with the middle ages this year and he will most enjoy learning about the weaponry and battles.

4th Grade Math and Language Arts- Inside Our Normal

Social Studies/Science/Literature/Art

Read about our family learning plans this year HERE.  Our plans include reading Story of the World Volume 2 and using Science in the Scientific Revolution for Science.  This year we will also be doing our first in-depth and intentional Geography study, in addition to Art Appreciation, Poetry and literature.

Language Arts

In addition to being Autistic, Cub struggles with Handwriting and always has, and recently we have been told he is dysgraphic.  Writing is a very frustrating subject for him.  So we take it slow and at his pace.  I was going to teach typing this year as he can transition to less writing when he learns to type, but he requested to learn cursive, so we will do it!

He is an avid reader and inhales encyclopedia style books in his free time.  We will be using the Sonlight Readers to give him some variation and build his vocabulary and literary experiences.  I also type the comprehension questions for him so we sneak in some typing practice when we answer the questions on the computer.

He will continue with his All About Spelling Level 3.  We stopped in the middle of the book for the summer and will pick up where we left off.  He likes the predictable formula of the program and learning the concrete rules of the English language.   We will add in other writing, based on the note-booking and lapbooks we will be working on for our History, Geography and Science as a family. (which I shared about separately HERE).



Cub excels at Math but its also one of the subjects we most see his Autism.  He has very rigid ideas about numbers and how things should be done.  Last year we struggled with crossing the place value lines to borrow and carry and cross multiply.  His rigid thinking would not let him move numbers from one column to another without major mental struggles. We will continue using Math U See Gamma for 4th grade.  We may also use Mammoth Math for some variation and extra practice.  The concrete teaching style of the Math U See DVDs has been a good fit to help him understand the concepts.

Electives and Co-ops

It is important to us to participate in a co-op because we want Cub challenged socially and taught by other teachers.  Instead of having to focus on social learning and behavior during a typical school day 5 days week we ask him to do it only for 3 hours, once a week.  He enjoys getting to pick his classes and be with his friends.  This fall he will be taking PE, Birds, and Spanish.

He will also be trying a new activity by signing up for 4-H.  Last year his sister joined and he sat in on a few meetings.  Next year he will get to participate and choose his own projects to work on.  He will also continue to play on his TOPSoccer team in the fall and spring, which is one of the highlights of his week.

Cub’s Previous Curriculum Choices

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4th Grade Curriculum Choices for Cub
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